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Wrap Up August 2015

 During this month I read about 10 books. I think considering I was on vacation but, during the last week of the month I was busy with moving out of South Korea and with my graduation, you can say that I read enough. Also, I put 10 more books in my Goodreads challenge because I was about to reach 50 books.

I started the month by reading "Crown of Midnight" by Sarah J. Maas, a continuation to a magnificent story that left me wanting more. This series has become one of my favorites. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is not finished yet. I gave it a 4,5/5 and look forward to reading "Heir of Fire" in October.

Corona Midnight: Goodreads.

Then I started reading "Confess" by Colleen Hoover. Although I think Ugly Love is still my favorite book of this author I cannot say I was not thrilled by Confess. It was a beautiful story full of art and romance. I liked very much especially as I finish the epilogue of this book.

Confess: Goodreads and Review.

I started reading "Black Ice" by Becca Fitzpatrick after the finished Confess. When I started the story I must say I found it very stupid but as the story progressed, more and more things and intrigues appeared, reaching the second half of the book I was hooked. I gave it a 3,5/5 and, while it did not received a higher rating from me, because there were many things I had problems with, I think it is a book that deserves a chance.

Black Ice: Goodreads and Review.

Then I started "The Fine Art of Pretending" by Rachel Harris. This book was a very cute one. I enjoyed it and I think it was the loveliest contemporary story I have read so far. I also liked the fact that we had the perspectives of both main characters. Just to note, I finished the book in about 8 hours, so it's quite addictive.

The Fine Art of Pretending: Goodreads.

After finishing the last book with a rather romantic and tender subject, I decided to choose something more tragic and went for a dystopia. I started "Monument 14" by Emmy Laybourne and I could not stop reading. Literally I read the entire trilogy in about 5 days and have become a series that will be included in my best readings of 2015. I loved it.

Monument 14: Review and Goodreads.

Monument 14 Trilogy: Review.

After finishing the trilogy, Monument 14, I got into a bookish handover. So, at that time started 2 books and left them still for nearly a week. One of these books was "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard. I could continue it by reading about 10 pages per day until I realized I could not stop reading it. Unlike many others, I really liked this book. Maybe it's the fact that I have not read many dystopias and even if I found many similarities with other dystopian worlds, I did not care.

Red Queen: Goodreads.

The second book I started and had to stop for a while was "The Beginning of Everything" by Robyn Schneider. This book was recommended to me by my best friend and I decided to put it on my August TBR. I started re-reading it in August 31 and finished it in September 1. Even if I finished it on September I am going to include it here because I was “late” for only a day.

The Beginning of Everything: Goodreads.

The reason that the last two books have not a review yet is because on September 2 I was traveling from South Korea to Colombia. I arrived to my house on September 3 and I'm still adapting myself and returning to the routine of home. Besides visiting family and those things that you do when you go on a long trip and come back.

And you, what did you guys read in August? Tell me in the comments: D

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