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Wrap up March 2015

In March I read a total of 6 books and, considering I was in reading slump for the last week and a half of the month, you can say I read a lot during this month. I'll let each of them here along with the links of Goodreads and individual reviews I did of each of them.

Wrap Up 

I started the month finishing a book that had begun in February and had been unable to finish: The Kiss of Deception. A book I loved it and it kept me a little frustrated to read.

The Kiss of Deception: Goodreads and Review

After that I decided to read the next book in the series Heroes of Olympus, The House of Hades. A book that I loved. This also read it slowly, as the previous book, to enjoy it more.

The House of Hades: Goodreads
While reading "The House of Hades" also read "365 days of Wonder". This book is filled with the precepts from August’s Professor, one for each day of the year. It was a pretty quick read; I think I read it in less than 4 days and that because I divided the months because I did not want to read it all in one sitting. I enjoyed the precepts and the stories told by the teacher at the end of each month. I do not have a review for this book.

365 days with Wonder: Goodreads

At the end "365 days of Wonder" I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I finished in less than 5 days and I was even still reading "The House of Hades" too. This was a re-read for me and it really should have been a bonus this month and ended up being one of the first books that I finished in March.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Goodreads

Then I took "The Iron Trial", one of the books I set for my TBR for March. I enjoyed this book and let my comments in the review I did on it.

Test Iron Trial: Goodreads and Review

When I finished “The Iron Trial” I took two more books to read: All the Light we cannot see and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. However, I could not finish "All the light we cannot see" because, as I said at the beginning, I went through a reading slump this month so I just left it about 50 pages in. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets also took me a lot time to I even left it for about a week. In fact, I was half into the book when I left it aside and just today, March 31, I took it again and did not put it down until I finished it.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Goodreads

I do not plan to return to "All the light we can not see" for now because I have the feeling that you put me on the block was this book. I'm thinking of leaving for vacation when you enter again.
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