sábado, 28 de febrero de 2015

T.B.R MARCH 2015

This year I'm planning to read at least 5 books a month. That is why these 5 will be the main books I read in the month of March. Also, I added two more and I would read them if I have time during the month.

  1. The Kiss of Deception: I am currently reading this book, I'm more than half into it but I don’t think I can finish it for February so, it is on this list.
  2. The House of Hades (The House of Hades): I will continue with the saga of Heroes of Olympus.
  3. The Iron Trial: The first book in a new series. Many people compared it to Harry Potter. The truth is that Harry Potter is my favorite series of all time so that gave me a lot of curiosity about this book. Not to criticize it but I feel that if it is similar to Harry Potter then I will like this series.
  4. All the Light we cannot see: I've been trying to read this book for a  long time now but I always end up choosing something else. I intend to read it now in March.
  5. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: This book has been on my shelf for some time now. The truth is that when I chose I found it very interesting and now cannot remember the plot. However, I believe that it is time to read it.

The two additional readings of the month will be:

  1. The Blood of Olympus: To end this saga. If I cannot quite read it in March I will definitely red it in April.
  2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: I Just got my new Harry Potter Book Set.  I'm so excited I decided to read the books all over again. One month each until I finish the whole series. 

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