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Top 5 Wednesday May 06

For a long time now I've seen some of my favorite You Tubers the "Top 5 Wednesday" videos and this week's Topic is very appealing to me so I decided to make an entry in the blog for this. I am going to let the Goodreads groups for Top 5 Wednesday HERE so if you guys want to check it out you can.

I am not going to do this every Wednesday though, just when I feel that I can make the top 5 and find the topic interesting. So, today's topic is TOP 5 BOOK/SERIES THAT YOU WANT TO SEE AS A TV SHOW (NOT A MOVIE).

For this I have chosen some series. Actually I have thought about it before, especially when the series have many characters to develop. Because I feel in a movie, or series of movies, directors cannot develop a lot about some characters that would be developed more in a TV show. These are my 5 choices.

5. The Lorien Legacies: I haven't read any of these books but I watched the movie "I am number four" and I really liked the promise of the story. My best friend has read all the books already ans when she talks about it she is so passionate about the characters that makes me want to read the books as well but I just haven't been able to add them to my TBR for the next months but I will read them. Anyways, as the movies did not work so well I think the TV show should be a good way for the story to develop well.

4. The Darkest Minds Trilogy: I would love to see this trilogy in a TV show. I would love to see how they made this world happen and the system of powers. I think people who likes shows such as X-men might find this one very interesting.

3. Throne of Glass:  I think building this world in a TV show would be awesome. I think also, the cast of characters in this series would deserve a good attention and I would love to see it develop in a TV show.

2. The Lunar Chronicles: I am completely in love with this series. Actually, one of my favorite TV shows right now is Once Upon a Time and I love fairy tail re-tellings so I think the Lunar Chronicles would be a great TV show. Seeing all the futuristic retelling from these fairy tails and get to know each know each character the way they are presented in the books.

1. The Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus and series : This is my number one pick because of two reasons. First, we have a broad number of protagonist, ea h one very different and with personal issues that are essential for the development of the whole story. And, because the Percy Jackson series did not go well as a movie franchise. I think if they develop the 10 books from this two series into a TV show that would awesome.

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