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Disney Book Tag

This Tag was created by one of my favorite BookTubers, Kat from Katytastic. The idea is to find books related to one Disney movie. So let’s get started!

1. Little Mermaid: A character who is out of his/her element. Like a fish out of water

August from“Wonder”. August has never gone to school before and the story of this book tells us how he starts to adapt to his new school life. For him this is not only new but worrying because he knows that everyone around him look at him in a different and not very good way, much of them, which makes things a little bit complicated for him at the beginning.

2. Cinderella: A character who goes to a major transformation

I am going to go with Jude and Noah from I’ll give you the sun. Even if it is a standalone book, you can see how much these two has changed over the course of the story and how their personalities are almost opposite from when they were children.

3. Snow White: A book or series with a diverse cast of characters

The lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series at the moment and we have a lot of characters who we need to pay attention to. I love the way we start with only Cinder, Kai and Iko and now we have also Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Throne, Winter and Jacin. Without mentioning Levanna and all the other secondary characters that also have an important role in the series.

4. Sleeping Beauty: A book that put you to sleep

I don’t really remember any book that have made me sleep but I can mention two books that I have  fresh memories of being bored while reading them and wanting to go to sleep: If I stay by Gayle Forman and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Both I felt them so slow pace I was bored the majority of the time.

5. The Lion King: A character who had something traumatic happen in his/her childhood

Ruby from “The Darkest Minds”. I mean she spent most of her childhood in a concentration camp where they practically treated her like she was some kind of “thing” and not a human being.

6. Beauty and the Beast: A beast of a book that you found the story to be beautiful

I don’t relay get intimidated by the side of the books or the number of pages they have.  I always schedule my reading so I read at least 3 chapters every day and I don’t really care how much time I spend on a book as long as I read those 3 chapters per day so, I have never felt like a book was a “beast” I could not handle. I will leave this one without answering.

7. Aladdin: A character who gets his/her wish granted. For better or worse

Simon from “Todas las Hadas del Reino”.  In This book our main character is a fairy godmother and Simon is her godson. Simon gets want he wants but at a high price I must say.  For a book in English I really don’t have one.

8. Mulan: A character who pretends to be someone they are not

Darrow from “Red Rising”. I don’t think there is a better character for this category because Darrow is actually pretending to be someone he is not in order to start a revolution from inside of the system itself, which I found really interesting when I read the book.

9. Toy Story: A book with characters that you wish it were real

Harry Potter! I want all of them to be my friends and teach me magic!

10. Disney Descendants: Your favorite morally ambiguous character

I have two here: Voldermort from the Harry Potter Series and Levanna from the Lunar Chronicles. Thinking it now these two would actually make a very good and scary couple, don’t you think? Both characters are extremely crazy, from my point of view.  They are greedy for power and both think what they are doing is for “the best” of their people. Twisted minds those two have. 

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